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Motorola impresses with pre-loaded apps list for CLIQ

October 19th may be under a month away, but that's still an eternity in "waiting years." Thankfully, Motorola has posted up a handy guide that spells out exactly what kind of pre-loaded software comes with the CLIQ, and we've got to say -- the list is fairly impressive. For starters, users will get access to LastFM, an array of Google features, Yahoo! Mail (funny, real funny), Digg, Mint, Facebook, Twitter, Travel Channel, MTV and Amazon's MP3 Store. On top of all that, Moto's throwing in QuickOffice -- a piece that demands $9.99 on the iPhone -- as well as TeleNav Navigator, which has also found itself on a few other Android-based smartphones over the centuries. Hit the read link for the full list, but only if you don't mind the tease.

[Via Phandroid]