Nokia N97 mini's FCC docs gain full disclosure

The N97 mini's back on its whirlwind tour of the FCC approval process, this time coming off confidentiality so we can get a good, hard look at its externals, internals, and user manuals. We're still not seeing a market for this thing in any locale that can't find a carrier to sell it for free on contract (read: the US), but for what it's worth, we still after all this time can't help but get a little smile on our faces when we see WCDMA 850 / 1900 listed in the SAR report. The phone will have quadband 3G nestled right alongside quadband EDGE, making it a rarity (by 2009 standards, anyway) and a truly world-capable phone for high-speed data -- perfect for that occasional jaunt to New York from your pad in London.