250GB PS3 shows up for pre-order on, ships on October 1

In what has become the "hip cool thing to do" for consoles these days, the 250GB version of the PS3 Slim is up for pre-order in the UK before it's been even confirmed by Sony for most of the world. Sadly, it's just the boring old black version -- so far the white PS3 Slim has only been seen making nice with Final Fantasy XIII in Japan -- but at £285 (about $455 US) it is more than double the capacity for only 40 more "quid" than the original PS3 Slim. Pre-orders are available now, and Amazon says the console will ship on October 1. So the question is, do you jump in now, or do you wait for one of the myriad 250GB bundles headed for Europe? It's the moral dilemma of our times.

[Via I4U]