HTC Leo benchmarked, leaves blisters

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|09.27.09

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HTC Leo benchmarked, leaves blisters
The HTC Leo has already got hearts-aflutter the world over with its high-end spec sheet and huge capacitive touchscreen, but now that some early benchmarks have hit we might have a full-on fanboy panic on our hands. That 1GHz Snapdragon processor isn't just for show, people -- you're looking at least a 300 percent improvement over the Touch HD on every single 3D graphics benchmark with an astounding 1,822 percent improvement on one test, and raw CPU performance was nearly three times as fast. Yeah, those are some wild numbers -- we'll have to see what battery life is like when this thing ships, but for now we'd recommend hitting the read link and taking in the full set of benchmarks.
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