Miruko wearable gaming eyeball robot turns the creep factor up significantly

Miruko is the creepiest gaming device we've seen in a while -- but it's also downright awesome. A robotic interface boasting WiFi and a built-in camera, it's designed to be worn and used in augmented reality, real life gaming situations, able to detect things -- like monsters -- that are invisible to the human eye. Once the robot detects the presence of said monster (or zombie), it fixes its gaze on the object, allowing the gamer to follow its line of sight and then.. you know, destroy it -- using an iPhone camera. It's also capable of locating and locking in on specific objects and faces, making it really useful in hunting down whatever imaginary creatures that have been following you lately. Check the coolness in the video after the break, but keep in mind -- we've been able to see the invisible monsters all along.

[Via Pink Tentacle]