Garmin-Asus nuvifone G60 finally ready for AT&T: $300 on October 4?

Let's just be brutally honest here: Garmin-Asus' nuvifone G60 is basically the Duke Nukem of phones. We've been following it since before Garmin and ASUS formed their joint venture, since before we had an inkling of what carriers might pick it up, and before other models running other platforms got thrown under the nuvifone branding umbrella. It's been a heck of a ride -- a ride that seemed exciting for the first year or so, but at this point, the phone's stretched our patience to the breaking point and set expectations so unrealistically high that it seems virtually impossible that a US launch could quench our thirst for awesomeness. The world will never know with certainty what took so long -- maybe it was met with a lukewarm response from carriers, maybe the formation of the joint venture set everything back a bunch of months -- but whatever the case, it looks like we'll finally be able to navigate the G60 right into our hands come October 4 on AT&T. With triband HSDPA, a 3.2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and microSD expansion, the phone really doesn't scream "high end," but AT&T must think that the promise of an authentic Garmin nav experience is enough to command a hefty premium because a two-year deal is going to run $299.99 with a required $30 data plan -- and that's after $100 mail-in rebate. Follow the break for a gander at AT&T's G60 FAQs for salesfolk.

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Q. How does Garmin navigation compare to AT&T Navigator?

A. Both Garmin and AT&T Navigator provide voice prompted turn by turn navigation. One of the main differences between Garmin and AT&T Navigator is that Garmin navigation is fully integrated into email, contacts, SMS, photos and more. This means that customers can navigate to an address sent via text, email or in their address book directly from text, email, or the address book. Customers do not have to leave the application and type the address in the navigation search.

Q. How much does it cost for navigation on Garmin nuvifone G60?

A. Garmin navigation is built into the device price. Once a customer buys the device and puts a SIM into the phone, navigation will automatically work. There is no monthly charge for navigation. This is a great selling feature of the device. Once a customer's contract period is up they can continue to use Garmin navigation as long as a SIM is in the phone.

Q. What services are included with Garmin nuvifone G60 at no additional charge?

A. Customers who purchase the Garmin G60 will receive Garmin navigation with built in maps, web browsing, SMS, YPC, Ciao*, flight status and currency converter at no additional charge.

Q. What is Garmin Premium Services?

A. Garmin Premium services (GPS) is available for $5.99 a month after a 30 day free trial. GPS gives customers real time access to traffic updates, gas prices, white pages, weather, local events and movie listings. To activate GPS customers must click on one of the service icons on the device and accept the terms of service. After 30 days, customers will automatically be enrolled in GPS and will be billed $5.99 a month until they call in to cancel the service (For $5.99 a month the customer gets full access to all of the CPS on the device)

Q. Does nuvifone G60 require a special rate plan (like iPhone)?

A. nuvifone G60 can be activated on any eligible postpaid rate plan. It does not require a special rate plan like iPhone.

Q. Are there any Data plan requirements with Garmin?

A. Garmin requires a $30 data plan. The $30 data plan will give customers unlimited browsing and search. It also covers all data usage for GPS which requires real time updates every few minutes and is therefore constantly "pinging" the network and constantly using data.

Q. Can customers download applications using the G60?

A. All the applications that can be used on the Garmin G60 are resident on the device. Garmin nuvifone G60 does not support download capabilities

Q. Does nuvifone G60 support corporate email?

A. nuvifone G60 does not support corporate email. It supports mobile email clients like Hotmail, Gmail and AOL through POP3/IMAP setup

Q. What is included in the box when a customer purchases the G60?

A. nuvifone comes with all the accessories to optimize in-car use of the G60 including the device, car mount and dashboard mount. It also comes with a USB cable so that customers can easily sync their device to the PC to sync their contacts and/or get map updates from

Q. What are some unique selling features of the G60?

A. There are many unique features to the nuvifone G60 including the following:

Where am I – with the touch of a button get the nearest intersection, hospital, police station and hwy

Where's my car - Once a device is taken off the car mount, it will automatically store the location where it was dismounted. Customers can leave with the device in hand and navigate back to the car at a later time (i.e. when shopping in the mall and wants to find the car in the parking lot)

Photo Geo-Tagging- Customers can send/receive pictures with location based information and customers can navigate directly to that location with a push of a button

Q. What is the Ciao application located on the device?

A. Ciao is a social networking application on the device. It allows customers to share location based information with friends, family and people in their social network. Ciao is an application that is included on the device for no additional charge.

Q. Is nuvifone eligible for insurance?

A. Yes! It is Tier 2, $125 deductable.

* Ciao is an application that allows others to track a customer's location. Ciao does not go through AT&T privacy controls. Customers should be informed that this application is available on the device but that it does include tracking capabilities. Registration for Ciao is handled on the device. When a customer selects the Ciao application they will be directed to for registration.