Thermaltake's brain-melting Level 10 PC chassis gets real, unboxed

Remember that Thermaltake enclosure that blew your mind back in March? Of course -- you're still recovering, after all. Fast forward to today, and that very case -- which had a hint of BMW influence, by the way -- has morphed into reality, and it's far and away one of the most fabulous cases we've ever seen. Amazingly, the finished product looks awfully similar to the concept, with each compartment boasting its own ventilation. There's room for pretty much anything you'd ever want (yes, even room for three Blu-ray writers), and of course, enough LEDs are included to light up the average night club. You should also know that the shipping container weighed 66 pounds and the chassis itself is probably larger than your eight year old, so unless you've got more square footage than you know what to do with, you're probably better off viewing the unboxing shots (there in the via link) from afar.

[Via Maximum PC]