Chumby, now with less adorable softness: meet the One

Wrapping one's brain around Chumby's original concept -- drop some Flash-based widgets inside a plush vinyl sphere with WiFi and a touchscreen -- has never been an easy task, but after a couple years of low-key retail action, it looks like the company's finally ready to bring a new version into the mix that might be a little more mainstream. The simply-named One dispenses of the old model's squeezable shell, earning a more businesslike appearance and trading up to a slightly speedier 454MHz core (not to say you need a lot of horsepower when you're lackadaisically cruising feeds, weather forecasts, and clock faces on a QVGA screen, but we're not complaining). Otherwise, specs seem to be about the same -- and at a rumored $100 or so when it hits next month, it might finally be cheap enough to get some traction even though it's not as thin, slick, or normal-looking as those concept Sammy frames from earlier in the year. And hey, Chumby's got an Engadget widget available for download, so it must be worth the cost of admission, right?

[Via thegadgetsite, thanks KC Kim]