ASUS intros first 'Marine Cool' motherboard, the SABERTOOTH 55i

ASUS is good for canning concepts just before they've had a chance to truly thrive, but thankfully the company has made an obvious effort to bring its "Marine Cool" mainboard to life. After peeking said device at CeBIT earlier this year, the SABERTOOTH 55i has become the first actual, working product to be based around the technology. The newly-developed TUF series is designed to handle "extreme conditions," and while ASUS claims that it'll survive "military-style testing," we wouldn't recommend submerging it under liquid or blasting it with a railgun. For those looking to piece together a new Core i5 / Core i7 rig, feel free to give the read link a look for all the details, but don't bother searching high and low for a price or release date.