e-WOLF e2 seeks to electrify, succeeds

Woah. Looks like the Shelby Aero finally has some competition on its hands in the EV supercar stakes. Weighing in at less than 2,000 pounds, but generating north of 736 pound-feet of torque, the e2 should be, uh, kinda fast, while claims of a half hour charging time and a 187-mile cruising range are just too stupefying to contemplate. Power is stored in 84 lithium-ion battery packs from CERIO, and unleashed via four 134-horsepower motors -- one for each wheel. If you liked e-WOLF's e1, but thought it needed a dash of spicy Lamborghini-inspired styling and the acceleration to reach 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds, well here's your answer. Production is set for 2011, and you can ogle the car's rear end after the break.