Fujifilm Finepix REAL 3D W1 now shipping to soon to be disappointed consumers

Well, partner, are you the sort to ignore woefully bad reviews and plunk your hard-earned cash down on expensive gadgets anyway? Buck up, because here's your chance. Fujifilm's Finepix REAL 3D W1 may not have impressed the critics -- or, really, anyone, apparently -- but it's now shipping into the hands of consumers who can't be bothered to read such things. MSRP for the camera is $599.95, while the 3D digital viewer will go for $499.95. Finally, if you're still into the whole prints on paper scene, you'll have to wait a few weeks until the company's goes live, then pay a whopping $6.99 per print. Hey, nobody said the future of imaging would be cheap.

Update: is indeed live as we speak.