Mimo's iMo Foto Frame Printer does precisely what you'd expect

Mimo's made quite the name for itself with its delightful array of USB-powered secondary monitors, but now it seems the company is spreading its proverbial wings and introducing something strikingly out of character. The iMo Foto Frame Printer most certainly isn't the first (or second) of its kind, but it just might be the cutest. The digiframe / printer hybrid boasts an 8-inch panel, a memory card slot, bundled remote and an inbuilt photo printer that shoots out 4- x 6-inch images with a 300 x 300dpi print resolution. $229.99 gets you the unit itself, a few cables and a paper cartridge for 36 prints -- after that, you're on your own. Godspeed, young one.

[Via Red Ferret]