Windows 7 party pack fittingly arrives on party-filled Cayman Islands

Well, would you look at that? With the launch of Microsoft's next operating system merely 21 days away (give or take a few hours based on time zone), the Redmond giant seems to be proactively sending out Win7 Launch Party packs already. The first "unboxing" we've seen comes to us from a most unusual spot, one that Microsoft wasn't actually equipped to ship to when the program first started. After a stern email or two sent over several bodies of water and through countless Stimulus-inspired road construction hang-ups, the bundle you see laid out above landed in the beautiful Cayman Islands. Within was a Steve Ballmer Signature Edition of Win7 (so, we're up to seven versions now?), a pack of Win7 playing cards, a poster, some napkins (to wipe the drool from your friends' faces after they experience Aero Shake for the first time) and even a puzzle. So, should we book a flight to Grand Cayman, Little Cayman or Cayman Brac? This is one shindig we definitely won't miss.

[Thanks, Jared]