AUO aims for $100 e-book readers by 2011

E-book readers have certainly been getting better and cheaper lately, but it looks like display-maker AUO thinks there's still plenty of room for improvement, and it's now promising to cut the price of 'em fully in half within two years. The key to that, obviously, is to make the displays cheaper, which AUO says it can do by not only improving the technology, but by taking advantage of the sheer scale of its production capabilities. That, it says, could allow for a $150 e-book reader by next year, and a $100 reader by 2011. What's more, AUO also says that it expects both Amazon and Sony to get "some" of their displays from AUO (with the rest coming from industry leader Prime View) which, if you put two and two together, could pave the way for some cheaper Kindles and Sony Readers in the not too distant future.