HTC Pure starting to show up in AT&T stores, not for sale just yet

We'll withhold judgment until we have a far more intimate encounter with the device, but at a glance, the HTC Pure -- AT&T's branded, customized version of the Touch Diamond2 -- might carry the least-exciting industrial design of any variant launched thus far. Considering the business-oriented clientele, that might not be a big deal for the phone's bottom line -- but when you take a look at the slightly better-equipped Imagio that's about to launch over on Verizon, we would've liked to have seen something with a little more spunk here. At any rate, it seems Pure units are starting to flow into AT&T retail locations, which inevitably leads to some time in front of the bright lights and camera; AT&T was mentioned as one of Microsoft's global launch partners for Windows Mobile 6.5 on October 6, so if we connect the dots, we're guessing this is the phone that's gonna make it all happen. So where's that Touch Pro2, then, eh?