LG GW620 Android phone spotted in the wild, on video

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LG GW620 Android phone spotted in the wild, on video

We haven't heard much from LG about its new GW620 Android phone since it got official with it back in mid-September (and at IFA before that), but it looks like it's now made an official outing in France, where plenty of folks were on hand to get an up-close look at it. As expected, LG hasn't followed the route of HTC or Motorola with some heavy Android customizations, but the handset itself should still turn a few heads nonetheless with its brushed aluminum look, and what appears to be a better than usual QWERTY keypad (or AZERTY in this particular case). Unfortunately, that gets paired with a resistive touchscreen, but the rest of the specs are thankfully less disappointing, including a 5-megapixel camera with an LED flash, a microSD card slot for expansion, and a standard headphone jack. Still no indication of this one making its way over here, but you can get a closer look at it by hitting up the link below, and check it out on video courtesy of the folks at Le Journal du Geek after the break.

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[Via android.hdblog.it]

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