Video: OLED technology explained using a pickle and an Igor

Say bub, do you care to know what all that OLED jazz is about? We'll bet you do, but you don't wanna read some dry polysyllabic academic paper written by five guys during their time away from the lab. What you want is a sharp demonstration, preferably by an MIT professor, that goes straight to the point of what an Organic Light Emitting Diode is. Igor, roll in the pickle, please. Okay, he's not an Igor, his name is Vladimir Bulovic and he does a terrific job of explaining how the passing of electric current excites organic molecules into creating those luscious ultra-bright colors we lust after inside ridiculously small spaces. Slide past the break to see the vid in full, and yes, it's just as weird as you think it'll be.

[Via OLED Display]

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