WRUP: Ziebart craves brains edition

Well, here we are at the weekend, and yet again we're all in danger. Alex Ziebart has been bitten by the dread PTR and is stalking the halls of central, craving our succulent brains and/or posts about patch 3.3, while we struggle to survive. Or to provide him with PTR posts and patch details like, say, Quel'Delar, This weekend, it's not just a game, it's a battle to survive against a fiend more dead than alive! Well, until he gets his morning nosh, then he's usually okay. Woe betide thee that denies said nosh! A peckish zombie is a fearful adversary. Luckily, I have a character skilled in dealing with the undead and he just got himself a new toy.

But what about the gaming, you ask? I'm glad you did, because I'm awful at segues. Seriously, just awful. I mean, look at this one, it's just atrocious.

  • Matthew Rossi (@MatthewWRossi): Since I'm writing this one, I'm going first. I'll be taking the warrior, shaman and DK onto the PTR as soon as is feasible to run the new five man. Yay for playing with new content!

  • Mark "Turpster" Turpin (@The_T): Trying to get the loladin through as many HC's as possible to gear up. It seems ridiculous how stupidly strong he is already for how pathetic his gear is, got to love them. On a side note I'll also be visiting my doctors to get a cream about the rash on my face.....FROM ALL THE FACE ROLLING! HAHAHAha, ok, I'm done.

  • Zach Yonzon (@battlemasters): Manila is in the path of Parma, which has been classified as a super typhoon, which means we're staying indoors this weekend. Provided we still have power and the winds don't tear the roof off over our heads, my wife and I should be wrapping up Brewfest and getting her "icky magenta" drake. If power goes out, I can always draw by candlelight. This weekend should be... interesting.

  • C. Christian Moore(@TheArenaGuy): Wife and I are going out to a nice date tonight; going to level up my hunter a good bit and pound a few articles out for future blood sports. :) Long week of irl work is over, time to relax.

  • Dominic Hobbs (@DMZduffry): Have a bit of research/writing to work through and have lots to do on the warlock DPS sheet plus all the usual raiding. I might also see how much easier leveling a new lock has become on the PTR. Oh, and if the people I sent wave invites to get set up then I'll be playing with that too. Wow, busy weekend... and there's the Suzuka F1 GP as well!

  • Christian Belt (@ihatewarlocks): Working, working, and playing Professor Layton. His box is diabolical. I don't know if you're aware of that, but it totally is.

  • Daniel Whitcomb (@danielwhitcomb): I'm still sort of hoping to finish out my t9 before Patch 3.3 goes live, so I'll be more focused than ever on triumph collecting, as much as I can be. I'll also get a few last brewfest badges for my Druid so he can buy a Brew of the Month club membership and get the Brewmaster title. Of course, I'll also be scrounging around for more PTR info, especially lore tidbits. There's a lot of exciting possibilities from the Quel'delar stuff alone!

  • Allison Robert: Going to a big local fair with some friends, stuffing myself silly on clam chowder and maple candy, and then Pee Tee Arrrrrrrrr Me Hearties.

  • Alex Ziebart (@aziebart): I have become a PTR zombie once again. Data fiiiiiiiles.

  • Robin Torres (@cosmiclaurel): I'll be taking a ride on a Brewfest kodo with a few It Came from the Blog guildies. Otherwise, I'll be Battlegrounding on my druid and DK. (Matt Rossi's note: she's on a kodo, everybody, take a look at her!)

  • Matt Low (@mattycus): Hoping to get stable so I can connect to the PTR. Would love to get some information on the new instances.

  • Mike Schramm (@mikeschramm): Thinking Friday I'll be hitting Onyxia again, Saturday I'll be meeting some readers at the tweetup, and Sunday I'll be on the PTR testing the new 5-mans.

  • Elizabeth Wachowski: I'll be playing the new Kingdom Hearts game from the DS. I'll also probably finish up Arkham Asylum, and of course spend time in the never-ending world of Morrowind. How have I managed to spend more hours on that game than any other save WoW, and yet never finished the main quest?

  • Elizabeth Harper (@faience): Brewfest until it ends, i suppose. And hope I net enough tickets in the end. I'm cutting it pretty close this year.

  • Gregg Reece: Going to a little convention downtown and tanking Ulduar on Sunday.

  • Eddie Carrington (@Brigwyn): Besides the PTR the biggest news this weekend will be hanging out with Mike in Santa Monica at the meet-up. Who can pass up bangers and mash washed down with a snakebite?

  • Lisa Poisso (@emused): With new newest character freshly into Northrend and Hail to the Chef plus a Chef's Hat nearing my grasp on my older character – cooking and fishing like a maniac.