Clarion MiND MID handles infotainment duties in i MiEV electric car

We've no idea if this is Intel's unwanted future for the seemingly unwanted Mobile Internet Device, but only a few months after seeing Clarion's frequently discounted MiND popping up in Nissan's Cube, the very same MID has now found a seat within Mitsubishi's famously adorable i MiEV. Here at CEATEC, the Intel-branded whip was proudly shown with a MiND-based infotainment system, and while we can't promise that any of these zero-emission vehicles will ever hit dealerships with an Intel Inside sticker just beneath the VIN number, we can say that it wouldn't surprise us in the least. The MID seems to be a solid fit for a GPS / multimedia system within a cute, commuter-centric car such as this, and being that it's removable, the fun doesn't have to stop when the drive does. Has the MID finally found its calling, or is the search to be loved still on?