Powermat wireless chargers unleashed into the atmosphere, for real

Oh, Powermat wireless chargers. We thought you were vaporware -- and then, like an undreamed dream -- you appeared to us in the flesh (and on video!) at CES. We didn't really hear much about it after that, and we'll be honest: we had nearly forgotten all about it! Well, it turns out these bad boys are now available. If you don't recall the details, the Powermat is a one pad, one plug system designed to charge all your gadgets in one place -- refreshing! Your phone or DS or whatever you want to charge will need a Powermat Receiver sleeve, enabling it to lock onto the mat and charge in the amount of time it takes to charge up traditionally. At $99.99 (plus around $40 per receiver), it's not the cheapest charging method we can think of, but it's sure to be a conversation piece at your next rager. Powermat's lineup is now available at Best Buy and Target stores.

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