Dell puts OPI nail polish on laptops, hits a 'home run' with MLB lids, robs us of all creativity

Oh, Dell. The laptop maker piqued everyone's interest for 30 seconds this morning with a glimpse of the upcoming Adamo XPS, but when push comes to shove all it has to sell anyone is some laptops with lipstick on them. Seriously. The company is partnered up with "renowned nail lacquer experts" OPI (which has a storied history in predicting fashionable colors for upcoming seasons, according to those in the know), and that means there'll be 26 new colors and patterns in the Dell Design Studio for you to pick from the next time you buy one of Dell's various adequate laptops. Colors will include 20 "classics" like "I'm Not Really a Waitress" (pictured), as well as some seasonal shades like "Dear Santa," "Merry Midnight" and "Smitten with Mitten." They will not include specs or info on the Adamo XPS.

Update: Dell also showed off MLB designs for all 30 teams, with "fan," "classic," and "die-hard" designs for each, which will be available on Dell Design Studio, along with an updated selection of Artist and Product (RED) lids. Check out PR shots of both sets of lids, along with hands-on shots, below. %Gallery-74937% %Gallery-74938% %Gallery-74939%