T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition adds 3.5mm jack, fake wood

We'd just assumed that T-Mobile would've written off the myTouch 3G and moved on to other Android-powered endeavors before outright re-engineering the thing, so color us shocked to find out that the carrier has gone back and added a desperately-desired feature -- a genuine 3.5mm headphone jack -- for a new version of the phone later this year. That's just the beginning, though: the new myTouch is actually being released as a special edition in partnership with the guitar experts at Fender, sporting a woodgrain finish (maybe a little too much inspiration from the Ply and Touch Wood over in Japan?), bundled 16GB microSD card, and preloaded music content. There's no word on an exact release date or pricing yet, but the gap between this and the Hero just got a whole lot smaller, didn't it? Check out a shot of the slightly less-interesting front after the break.