Verizon's Razzle does the twist for us

We checked out Verizon's most unusual Razzle sourced from PCD at CTIA this week, and put simply, we're pretty sure there's a reason that this form factor is among the rarest. Twisting the bottom half of the phone to choose between QWERTY and a speaker with music controls just doesn't make a lot of sense unless you're constantly using the phone to play music that you want everyone around you to be able to hear -- and that's assuming you're okay with the sound quality and volume compromises you've got to make with a loudspeaker of this size. What really caught us off guard was the fact that the phone is bent about 15 degrees in the middle only in QWERTY mode; when you switch over to the speaker, it straightens out, though we're not sure what the use case logic behind that is. Anyhow, if you're just looking to own the weirdest phone on the block, the Razzle might just fit the bill -- and at least it won't break the bank.