Phat Loot Phriday: Frostforged Ringhelm

We haven't done a piece of armor in a little while (it's been mostly weapons lately), so here's a cool helm from the updated Onyxia with an interesting historical twist.

Name: Frostforged Ringhelm (Wowhead, Thottbot)
Type: Epic Plate Head
Armor: 1925

  • +83 Strength, +154 Stamina

  • +10 Frost resistance, +10 Shadow resistance. These are on here because this is the updated version of the Tier 2 helm for death knights.


  • But wait! I hear you crowing in the comments: "Mike, there is no Tier 2 for death knights!" You're exactly right -- death knights weren't around when Onyxia was originally dropping loot in the game, but when Blizzard brought her back, they had to have some loot equivalent to all of these revamped Tier 2 helms that she was dropping. So they put this one in. And then even gave us a nice little nod to the past -- this is an updated version of the old Mugthol's Helm, which was bouncing around as early endgame gear back in the day.

  • Meta and a blue socket, standard for headgear, with a +12 Stamina bonus.

  • Increases defense rating by 70, parry by 77, and hit rating by 59. In other words, death knight tanking helm. Enjoy it.

How to Get It: You have to drop the new Onyxia, which is much the same as the old Onyxia, though it requires 10 or 25 level 80s and there are a few more adds than there used to be (though Deep Breath is much easier -- you can read the full guide here). Down her, win the roll against any other DKs on the helmet, and it's yours.

Getting Rid of It: Sells back to vendors for 12g 28s 34c, and disenchants into the usual Abyss Crystal. It's not really a top of the line helmet (there are better helms to wear in the higher instances), but it's a nice one, especially if this is a death knight alt you're playing and you happen to have a fondness for vanilla WoW.