Blaze announces 'Wii style' Motion Freedom 3D controller for PS3, really

We were fairly impressed by Blaze's knack for impressive but questionably useful gadgets when it introduced a three-cart contraption for the DSi last month, but it looks like it's truly outdone itself with its latest peripheral. While it's possible that it's the result of some miscommunication or a bet taken to its limits, it does appear that the company is indeed set to release a controller that can only be described as a Wiimote for the PlayStation 3. Of course, it's still a bit light on specifics, but Blaze says its so-called Motion Freedom 3D Controller will open up "unthinkable gaming possibilities," and let you "become one" with games like Sega Tennis and Tiger Woods Golf. It's even been "ergonomically designed from the ground up." How can you possibly go wrong?