Philips' crazy Rationalizer bracelet / bowl concept is a mirror into your emotional well-being (video)

We're still wrapping our head around this one, another crazy idea borne of Philips' womb. The Rationalizer, a concept jointly developed by Philips and ABN AMRO, consists of two units aptly named EmoBowl and EmoBracelet. Intended for online investors working at home, the lights intensify and turn a brighter red when your emotions flare, offering what it calls a "mirror of emotion" to warn you that it might be good to take a breather and calm down before making any irrational financial decisions. A clever and surprisingly simple idea -- flashiness aside, it looks like it's just primary motivation is pulse detection -- but frankly going by the website alone, we didn't believe this was real at first. Sure enough, though, a call to Philips' PR contacts confirmed its legitimacy, and reminded us of the last time we doubted one of the company's lackluster concept sites, which ended up being the 21:9 widescreen TV. Does this mean we might one day actually get to wear one of these things? We can only hope. Concept videos after the break.

[Thanks, RicoPacino]

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