Acer claims Aspire 5738DG as its first 3D laptop, we worry over the future of things

3D theaters? Okay, that's acceptable. 3D HDTVs? Sure, go ahead and waste your dollars inventing something that no one's asking for. But 3D laptops? We're pretty sure the line was somewhere back there, and now it's been decidedly crossed. Acer's Aspire 5738DG (not to be confused with the two-dee Aspire 5738PG) is the company's first portable machine to utilize its 3D CineReal technology, which is little more than a "3D coating" on the display that gives off mind-bending effects when viewed with a pair of polarized eyeglasses. The 2D-to-3D conversion takes place thanks to the bundled TriDef 3D Experience software (meaning that no special GPU is needed), and while we are told that the rig will be based around a Centrino 2 platform with up to 4GB of RAM, the only other information we're given is a NZ$1,999 ($1,484) price tag. Now, if only we could decide if laughing or crying would be the appropriate reaction here...

[Via Pocket-lint]