GameFly files further complaints against US Postal Service

Back in April, video game rental service GameFly filed a formal complaint against the United States Postal Service for supposedly offering preferential treatment and care to Netflix and Blockbuster parcels, and none to its equally fragile mailers. Now, GameFly is petitioning for information relating to "Netflix-only" drop boxes present in certain post offices. Though the USPS filed a directive to employees two years ago mandating that these boxes be taken down to avoid legal ramifications, GameFly presented photo evidence of Netflix slots remaining in two California post offices.

GameFly has also continued its original complaint, claiming parcels from larger DVD rental services were being manually sorted to prevent damage and breakage. The USPS responded with a curt "all DVD mailers are not equal," and suggested that GameFly update its disc packaging to better protect its product.

When asked for comment on the complaint, a GameFly representative said, "Unfortunately, we cannot comment as it is a legal matter."

[Update: For visual aid, we've received the above image from a reader whose post office most certainly does sort Netflix and Blockbuster DVDs separately. He said they don't include GameFly DVDs because the rate at which encounter them "is much lower." Well, look at that.]

[Via GamePolitics]