Pocket steel drums aren't made of steel, aren't really drums (video)

You'd be surprised how many requests we get for more gadgets that help our readers celebrate their love of the Caribbean culture and music. Luckily for us, the kids at Vat19 are now hawking a mini steel drum set that seems like it just might do the trick (that is, if the 'trick' can be 'done' by putting more red, yellow, and green-colored crap on your desk). By all accounts, this thing is pretty unexceptional -- it'll let you bang out an 8 note major scale, let you record your performance, and that's about it. Hell, it doesn't even really sound like steel drums! But the distributor did manage to get it to play Just A Friend by the incomparable Biz Markie -- and in our eyes, that's definitely worth a mention. All the same, we're rather have the Stylophone Beatbox. Yours for $18.95. Video after the break.

[Via Engadget German]

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