Phat Loot Phriday: The Mischief Maker

This one comes to us from @Aeire on Twitter, who said we should do this item, because it's "weird and different." True on both counts!

Name: The Mischief Maker (Wowhead, Thottbot, Armory)
Type: Uncommon Consumable
Damage/Speed: N/A

  • It's a wand (though not really -- it's just an item you right-click to use up) that will sheep any friendly player or NPC, and unfortunately only in Dalaran. In other words, it's a party favor -- there's no real use to it, but if you happen to see your buddy wandering around Dalaran, you can sheep them for 15 seconds, and then wait for their "wtf?!" to roll in on guild chat.


  • It doesn't work on shapeshifted players at all, nor does it apparently work on game-sensitive NPCs like flight masters or vendors.

  • And most disappointing of all, it doesn't actually work on Minigob Manabonk. Which is a bummer (as you can read below, that would be the perfect revenge).

  • But as a few seconds of amusement, it does what it's supposed to.

How to Get It: Here's the thing: you can't actually do anything to get it at all. Well, maybe that's not true -- all you have to do to get it is hang around in Dalaran, and wait. Eventually, a weasley little gnome mage will appear, and sheep you for a few seconds, and then run away (giggling, we presume). After that embarrassment, your reward appears in the mailbox -- he sends you a note that basically says, "I played a joke on you -- here's a wand you can use to play it on someone else." And then The Mischief Maker is yours.

Cheap? Silly? Guess what: life is like that sometimes. It's too bad there are all the limitations on this item, though. Maybe we haven't seen the last of Manabonk -- like Griftah (and subsequently Asric and Jadaar), I think he's a few potential appearances away from becoming a fan favorite. We just hope the next mischief he comes up with is a little more mischievous.

Getting Rid of It: Use it. As a consumable, it doesn't sell back to vendors at all, and it won't disenchant, either. So find a friend (or same faction enemy), sheep them, and run away. Giggling, of course.