Barnes & Noble 'Nook' e-reader with color touchscreen out Tuesday for $259, says WSJ (update: Best Buy connection?)

Looks like the cat's out of the bag. The Wall Street Journal's had a glimpse at what it says is an upcoming ad for Barnes & Noble's impending announcement, which just so happens to be a e-book reader with color touch screen (sound familiar?) dubbed the Nook. According to the article, it'll be out Tuesday, retail for $259, and will let users "lend e-books to friends." Very interesting, indeed -- so who's excited for tomorrow?

Update: We can't say with 100 percent assurance, but a reliable source of ours claims that Barnes & Noble will be partnering with Best Buy for sales of the device, and units will actually be available this Thursday. That last bit sounds daring at best, as it's Windows 7 launch day, but you never know what folks will get up to these days. Stay tuned!