Sony's 360-degree 3D display prototype makes virtual pets more lifelike, expensive

In case you missed it, Sony's got a thing for 3D with big plans to push the technology into your living room next year. While the first application will be applied to the flat screen TV, Sony's obviously thinking about other displays judging by this tiny prototype set for reveal at Tokyo's Digital Content EXP0 2009 on Thursday. The 13 x 27-cm device packs a stereoscopic, 24-bit color image measuring just 96 × 128 pixels viewable at 360-degrees without special glasses. If the prototype ever hits the assembly line then Sony envisions its commercial use in digital signage or medical imaging -- or as a 3D photo frame, television, house for your virtual pet, or visualizer to assist with web shopping in the home. We'll be on-hand for the unveil on Thursday with live coverage and hands-on, check back then for more.

[Via Impress]