The Engadget Show: Inside Ben Heck's magic kingdom

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|10.19.09

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The Engadget Show: Inside Ben Heck's magic kingdom

If you're a reader of Engadget (and let's be honest -- you're reading this, right?) then you surely know Ben Heck's work. The master modder has been the source of some of our favorite tweaks, hacks, and flat-out crazy gadget manipulations over the years. We recently had a chance to take a peek inside his workshop and hear straight from Ben about what drives him to create the madness we've see on our pages. It's a phantasmagoric adventure you won't likely forget -- so sit back, crack a cold one, and enjoy the ride!

Note: Don't forget, our next full length Engadget Show is happening this Thursday, and our guest is Steve Ballmer!

Video is now live! Sorry about that!

Host: Nilay Patel
Produced and Directed by: Chad Mumm
Edited by: Michael Slavens
Music by: Bit Shifter
Titles by: Julien Nantiec

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