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Amazon Kindle for PC available 'soonish'

No, Amazon wasn't kidding when it said it would be moving the Kindle onto devices besides, well, the Kindle. Sure, the iPhone was a no-brainer (never mind the eye strain) but guess who's next? That's right -- your ever lovin' PC will be getting its own free reader app. How soon? You'll have to hit the read link and sign up as a beta tester to find out. Are you prepared to sync your digital e-book purchases to yet another device? View notes and highlights marked on your Kindle and Kindle DX? Zoom and pinch text and turn pages with the swipe of your finger (granted you are a Windows 7 touchscreen user)? Sure you are. Are you ready to skip the Kindle altogether and simply buy books on your lappie? Well, we're guessing that Amazon isn't too worried about that eventuality. That reminds us, we've been meaning to pick up a copy of Knife Music. We'll tell you if it lives up to the hype.

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