Dell Adamo XPS opens up for Windows 7 festivities, but still not for sale

So much for Business Week's "confirmed" October 22nd launch date from over the weekend, eh? We just spoke with Dell's PR who told us that the company has yet to confirm a launch date for its slender Adamo XPS, and still won't, except to say that it's not reaching the unwashed masses at any point today. That doesn't mean today was all bad for the vigilant in waiting, as we finally got our first public showing of the front of the laptop, proving once and for all that the most recent press photo isn't crooked. So there you have it, a chiclet keyboard and touchpad that likes to curl up close with the screen -- mystery's over, folks, now we play the waiting game.

Update: Laptop Mag notes a removable battery and what's likely to be an Intel ULV processor -- it's definitely not Atom.