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LG intros ultrathin Win7-powered X-Note T380

We're still struggling to figure out why every PC maker in the universe has decided to debut at least one or two new Windows 7 machines today, but while we spin our wheels in frustration, we'll point you in the direction of LG's latest. The X-Note T380 is a 13.3-inch ultraportable powered by a Core 2 Duo SU3700 and featuring 4GB of DDR2 RAM, a GMA 4500MHD graphics set, 500GB of hard drive space, 802.11a/g/n WiFi and Win7 Home Premium. In related news, the outfit also updated its X-Note P510 to include Microsoft's newest, shiniest operating system, though otherwise it's remaining exactly the same. Price and release for the little guy has yet to be determined, but judging by just how stoked that lady appears, we'd say it'll be worth whatever LG decides to charge.