Dell Adamo XPS specs leak out: ULV processors, integrated graphics

At this point we have no idea why Dell won't just up and launch the Adamo XPS, but if they can't get it sorted we'll just piece it together ourselves -- and today we've got two different sources providing specs for the super-thin laptop with the funktastic hinge. Inside that crazy 1.5-pound case lies some pretty standard internals: we're hearing there'll be 1.4 and 1.9GHz dual-core Intel ULV processors with integrated X4500MHD graphics and 4GB of DDR3 RAM, all under (well, behind) an LED-backlit 13.4-inch WXGA screen and either a 128 or 180GB SSD. That's good for a reported score of just 3.3 on the Windows 7 experience test -- pretty sad for a $2,000 machine. The two available batteries are said to be rated at either 20Wh for 2.5 hours of juice or 40Wh for four hours, and here's the crazy thing -- that touch sensitive case latch we've been hearing about? Yeah, it doesn't work without power, so you can't open the machine if your battery is dead. Nice. Now Dell, honestly, can we dispense with the run-around?

[Thanks, Anonymous]