Phat Loot Phriday: Blade of Tarasque

Been a while, I think, since we've done a dagger. Plus, this one will show off a little of my D&D lore knowledge, and I don't get to do that as much as I like.

Name: Blade of Tarasque (Wowhead, Thottbot, Armory)
Type: Epic Main hand Dagger
Damage/Speed: 108 - 343 / 1.80 (125.1 DPS)

  • +48 Stamina, +65 Intellect. Used to be that Stamina on a caster item meant warlock, but I think this is just an endgame item -- any caster who needs it could use it just fine.

  • Plus, there's a blue gem socket on it, so you can put whatever you want in there, with a socket bonus of +5 spellpower. Just because it came up on the site earlier this week, I'll use this opportunity to remind you that any gem can go in any socket -- you just won't get the socket bonus. Yes, really.


  • Improves hit by 51, haste by 57, and spellpower by a tasty 692. Hit seems strange to have on a weapon this high (by this level, most people should have their hit capped already), but then again, having that much hit on a blade means you can take it off of something elsewhere. Truth is, if you're getting this weapon, you already know where you're at on hit and how to deal with it, so I'll leave you to it.

  • I will say, however, that the Tarasque is a large-turtle like dragon spoken about in a legend in France, supposedly charmed and tamed by Saint Martha (though she wasn't able to stop people from killing it anyway). I know about the Tarasque from my days DMing D&D games -- the Tarrasque is a huge creature (and there is only one of them) based on the French legend. The Torrasque in Starcraft is based off of the same legend as well. And though I've recently learned that it probably isn't true, I always believed that Bowser was just a cartoony Tarasque seen through the filter of a Japanese game designer. Feel free to make your own conclusions about that.

How to Get It: Oh, sorry, were we talking about a dagger in World of Warcraft? This is the Alliance version of the dagger, but the Horde version drops in the same place: Icehowl in the 25-man heroic version of Trial of the Grand Crusader has both of them. Get in there, drop him with whatever faction you choose, win the roll on this one against all of the other greedy casters looking for a main hand, and it's yours.

Seriously, doesn't Bowser look like the Tarrasque? I guess he was supposed to be based on an ox instead, but I like my turtle legend better.

Getting Rid of It: I'm guessing you'll probably find something nice (and probably a little scarier) in Icecrown. So when that happens, you can sell this one for 25g 36s 94c, or disenchant it out into an Abyss Crystal.