Polk Audio's HitMaster: your own personal Rock Band stage monitor

Sheesh. Just days after Altec Lansing shocked the gaming world with a dedicated stage monitor for Guitar Hero, Rock Band or any other gaming title you'd care to pump through a mini-wedge, Polk Audio has stepped in to do the same. As we witness the beginning of a curious, um, beginning, the HitMaster has stepped things up for anyone else thinking of joining the fray by packing 60 watts of RMS power, a pair of 2.2- x 5.5-inch horns, twin 1-inch tweeters and a booming 6.5-inch subwoofer. The whole cabinet weighs some 13 pounds, and aside from line level inputs and outputs, you'll also find a 1/8-inch jack for connecting iPods and the like. Oh, and did we mention that you can daisy chain these things? Because you can. Look for this one to rock your face off (or something to that effect) in early 2010 for $99.99.

[Via Hot Hardware]