Sony Ericsson looking ready to come clean with Android-powered Rachael on November 3

It could be argued that Sony Ericsson owes the world some love after it built up its last event only to introduce a single, solitary A2DP headset, but we might finally get what's coming to us in just a few days' time. It looks like November 3 is the date SE has chosen to unleash the first volley in its Android strategy on the world, likely the XPERIA X3 (or X10, or whatever the heck they decide to call it) with that wild Rachael UI that we've been tracking for a few months. How do we know? Well, it does line up with the latest and greatest rumors -- but more importantly, digging into the event page's HTML source reveals several mentions of Rachael by name, so... yeah, that's pretty much a lock. Should the unannounced Dragon and Sholes / Droid both be shaking in their boots already?