Verizon chief says offering the iPhone is Apple's call

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|10.26.09

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Verizon chief says offering the iPhone is Apple's call
Remember how in grade school, you usually made fun of the people you had crushes on? Verizon -- hot on the heels of some surgically strategic anti-iPhone marketing to promote its upcoming Android line -- is singing a very different tune in the corporate boardroom, with CEO Ivan Seidenberg (who has a storied reputation for running his mouth) saying during the company's earnings call today that the company "obviously would be interested at any point in the future that they would be interested in having us as a partner." He went on to say that the decision to bring the iPhone to Verizon is "exclusively in Apple's court," though we doubt that's entirely true -- Verizon has a reputation for putting manufacturers and devices through the wringer, and if any carrier in the world were to spike the iPhone for failing acceptance testing or throw its gargantuan weight and reputation around to put pressure on the contract, it'd be Big Red. Either way, though, it's an olive branch and a potential start to the near-constant cries of "if only the iPhone were on Verizon" that we've been hearing for the past two years; we're still having an awful hard time picturing a CDMA-equipped version ever happening, but with Verizon's LTE network progressively lighting up over the next few years, it might just be the perfect opportunity for these wayward souls to finally find common ground, especially with the tune AT&T's singing these days.

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