Nintendo DSi with larger screens coming this year to Japan?

The Nintendo DSi in its current form is just about to round its first Japanese birthday on November 1st, and if Nikkei has anything to say about it, the two-screener's all set for an oncoming growth spurt. According to a report from the publication, who has a good track record on Nintendo reports thus far, a new DSi with 4-inch screens (versus 3.25 currently) is coming to the land of the rising sun sometime before this year's out. No other spec differences, the report claims this was in response to older gamers having trouble seeing the action. It'll replace the current model and retail for the same price, ¥18,900 (US $205.50). If history tells us anything, we'll be waiting a lot longer for this new model to make it overseas.

Update: As noted by our Engadget Japan friends, the original Nikkei piece does mention a possible increase in resolution, to the effect of saying games and apps can display more info on screen, but it's very unclear if that was the intended message here or simply a confusion in terminology.

[Via Joystiq]