Transformers 2 tops chart, best selling Blu-ray of all time?

The first week numbers are in and they're pretty good -- Michael Bay's latest movie moved 500,000 Blu-ray Discs in one day and a total of 1.2 Million for the week. Now we didn't go back and compare that to previous years, but that is without a doubt the best week any Blu-ray title has had this year, so we'd assume its safe to say this is the best selling Blu-ray title of all time -- in its first week anyways. Love it or hate it, there were plenty of people willing to run out the first week and buy this movie. This has to ease the minds of Paramount execs at least a little bit. Too bad for Hollywood that this will probably be as good as it gets this year, although we admit the movies we're looking forward to on Blu-ray still remain unreleased.