Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) with your iPhone

Adult Swim's Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself), a browser game about using the tools in your office to end your apparently miserable cubicle-bound life, can now be played on the go. Artificial Life, Inc. has ported the morbid action-puzzle game to iPhone and iPod Touch, which means that you can now kill yourself with one finger!*

The iPhone game, like the original, gives you an office building full of potentially deadly office furniture and supplies, and five minutes to punish yourself until you actually expire through some combination of stapling yourself, smashing your head in copy machines, provoking co-workers, etc. The new version adds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth multiplayer, for death races. It's available now in the App Store for $2.99.

*In the game. Please don't kill yourself.

Five Minutes to Kill Yourself ($2.99):

5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself)