XM SkyDock now available for iPod touch and iPhone drivers

We know what iPhone owners want: Rosie O'Donnell talking on their car radios from coast-to-coast. Good, 'cause the $120 XM SkyDock is now available for purchase giving you full, touchscreen control and tagging capabilities over your in-car satellite radio. SkyDock features a built-in XM tuner and PowerConnect FM transmitter than bungs into the ol' cigarette lighter / power adapter socket to charge your Apple device while holding it in portrait or landscape modes depending on your preference. While XM keeps things simple by making the App a free download from Apple's App Store, you'll still have to thread the antenna cable along the inside of your vehicle's weather stripping in order to attach the magnetic antenna to your car's roof (just above your front windshield) for optimal results. Sounds messy.