Verizon getting a little VAIO P to join its netbook offerings

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|11.04.09

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Verizon getting a little VAIO P to join its netbook offeringsMotorola's DROID is just a few days away from dropping on Verizon, but why pay $299 (minus $100 rebate) for that when you could instead pay $299 (possibly also minus $100) for a fully-featured definitely non-netbook VAIO P? Yes, Sony's littlest ultraportable looks to be coming to VZW, popping up on a test page in a configuration with 2GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive, and Windows 7 Home Premium. Seemingly (and curiously) no SSD versions will be on offer, possibly to keep down on costs, as the subsidized $299 price is quite a bit lower than the $800 or more you'd be looking to buy one new -- not to mention a good bit more appealing than the other netbooks Verizon currently has on offer for the same price. Mind you, that two year wireless broadband contract won't pay for itself...

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