Gigaware adapter brings HD Radio to iPod touch and iPhone for $80

Up until now, there have been just two ways to get HD Radio in a portable, handheld solution: buy a Zune HD, or opt for Insignia's NS-HD01. As of today, Gigaware is changing all that, and it's hoping to give HD Radio a kick in the pants by opening it up to every single iPod touch and iPhone user in the US. iBiquity's own HD Radio module has been tucked neatly inside the clickwheel in-line adapter you see above, giving any iPhone / iPod touch with iPhone OS 3.0 (or greater) the ability to listen to HD Radio and FM stations in their area. The (now available) adapter itself sells for $79.99 exclusively at RadioShack, while the accompanying app -- which sports a manual tune wheel or auto-seek option, social network integration, bookmarks and iTunes Tagging -- is available to download free of charge. It's a novel idea, sure, but something tells us the limited availability and lofty price tag will keep it from selling like gangbusters.

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iBiquity has made its first foray into the mobile market and it's third in the portable market (Best Buy's Insignia NS-HD01 and Microsoft's Zune HD). Introducing the Gigaware Navigation Control HD Radio Receiver accessory and the HD Radio application. The accessory/app combination enables iPhone and iPod touch devices to tune into HD Radio broadcasts for the first time!

Adding HD Radio Technology to the iPhone and iPod touch (compatible with models updated with 3.0 software) is an easy two-step process:

▪ Step 1: Buy the Gigaware HD Radio accessory, designed for and sold exclusively at RadioShack for an MSRP of $79.99.

▪ Step 2: Download the FREE application by clicking on the Apple App Store icon on the actual device or though the iTunes' App Store link (under the Music category) in the top left column.

The application software, features an intuitive, user-friendly interface; a manual tune wheel or auto-seek option; and the ability to connect with friends through e-mail, Twitter and Facebook. Users can also preview content currently airing and directly select a main station or multicast channel stream, in addition bookmarking their favorite stations and multicast channels. An iTunes Tagging button on the Gigaware navigation accessory also allows users to "tag" songs for future review and purchase via iTunes.

Now, iPhone and iPod touch users can now enjoy the CD-like digital quality, crystal-clear sound from more than 2,000 HD Radio stations on the air, and 1,000+ new FM multicast channels (HD2/HD3).