Ricoh GXR camera system swaps out the sensor along with the lens

Ricoh's been getting some love on its spendy GR series of late, but this new direction for what's apparently slated to debut as a new "GXR" system is a wild one indeed. Basically, the camera comes in two parts, a body with an LCD, storage and accessory shoe (which works with an electronic viewfinder), and different lens / sensor combos which can be slotted into the body. Interestingly (and perhaps to prove the point), the first two lenses and sensors that Ricoh is announcing are widely different, with a 24-70mm lens on top of a 10 megapixel CCD sensor that can shoot VGA video retailing for £300 (about $500 USD), while a 50mm macro lens with a CMOS sensor that can do HD video goes for £600 (about $1,000 USD). Pluses to this system include the fact that there's nowhere for dirt to get on the sensor or inside the lens, size advantages over micro four thirds counterparts, and of course the glass and electronics can theoretically be optimally paired. The body itself will go for £420 (about $700 USD), which puts an entire setup rather up there price-wise, even without that wild British Pounds-to-dollars conversion rate. The system is supposed to be available in December. Video explaining the system was pulled by review site, who seems to have broken the official release date, but hopefully we'll have more official word on this from Ricoh soon.