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PSP Go turned into a homebrewed Sega CD emulator (video)

At this point, there have been so many Sonic games on so many different platforms, that you don't really need to run an old school Sega Genesis or Sega CD to play with the blue hedgehog. Need, however, is not what this is about. A fellow calling himself Neon (whose real name is presumably Thomas Andersonn) has put together a proof of concept video to show off a custom PSP Go firmware capable of running Sega CD images. Alas, he's only keen to prove said concept for bragging rights alone, and there are no plans to unleash this unto the retro-loving world, but isn't it enough to know that you can bring back all those memories of an insecure youth whiled away in a poorly lit room with a 12MHz console pushing about 200 pixels in total? Of course it is, check the video after the break.

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