Kohjinsha PA series reviewed, found lacking

It's well established by now that the Kohjinsha PA series tablet is one peculiar creature. It has the internals and OS of a netbook, with a 1.33GHz Atom CPU and Windows XP Home, the 4.8-inch display of a portable MID, and the convertible capabilities of an internet tablet, while its price (around $770) seems to imply it performs all three roles with aplomb. The Pocketables crew have followed up their unboxing of the quirky little device with a full-on review, and their conclusion has been that sadly it's more of a chump than a champ. Poor build quality and substandard input controls dragged this contender down, in spite of its swiveling screen and decent performance thanks to a 32GB SSD. Ultimately, it's the price that dooms the PA series to ignominy, and it seems like only a miracle -- or a timely RilakKuma rebadge -- will make it commercially successful. Hit the read link for the full story.